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We know all the principles of promotion on the marketplaces and take them into account when creating content for your product cards.

MPCONTENT is a content studio for millionaires, which creates saleable photos and videos for a successful trade on the market places.

Our team knows
a lot about sales
The MPCONTENT team is made up of experts in working with WildBerries and other marketplaces. We have been trading on marketplaces for many years and know what kind of content is needed to be at the top.

Our goal is not to make "pretty pictures", but to create a card that generates sales with the highest conversions.

"Our goal is to shift your focus from "How do I sell more with my card?" to "Where do I get the product to create demand for my cards?"
— Vadim Sapunov, Founder of MPCONTENT
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The essence of the "Card for a million" methodology is that in the preparation and implementation of the content, exactly the content is created that guarantees a product card in the top at the expense of organic promotion as a result of the best behavioral factor of the product card
Card for
a million
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Create infographics
Video Production
Product card storyboard development
All in all — it is the development of a sales funnel within the product card that guarantees the best conversion per click, conversion to order and the highest redemption percentage.
So, if you want to be guaranteed success in marketplace commerce, create content using the "Card to Million" methodology and order it from the studio that developed this concept, MPcontent: mpcontent.io.
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Suitable for whom ?
For beginners
who have good capital and are not willing to skimp on important things to get a good start
who have a lot of old, unupdated content, and you can increase selling by changing the cards
Old people
who are on the hunt for the best contractors in order to have the best sales results
If you have a store but...
SEO leaves a lot to be desired. It takes a lot of effort to find you
You are not visible
and does not create a desire to buy your product
The photo is not too good
Customers don't understand the value of
of your product
Product not sold
Customer does not click on your cards
Every minute you lose sales without infographics, reviews, and other tricks
There are only pictures
to consider all the nuances
when creating top product cards
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- Give us a call! We'll discuss your situation
and create content that really sells!
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SEO text attracts targeted traffic and, when combined with other content, ensures a high conversion rate per click and per order
Textual Content
In addition to content creation, we also offer services to help you promote your products on the Marketplace!
Object Photography
Catalog Photography
Collage Filming
Videos of any complexity
Photos for commentary
High conversion photos for CTR over 5%.
Photo-video content
Work examples
Adult Model

360 Photo

Photo with objects

Video with objects


— Guaranteed to bring your card to the top by the author's methodology Seller with experience selling on Marketplace more than 4 years
Card for a million
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Editing and preparing content for publication, creating infographics
Doing post-production
Process management, copywriting, photo and video production
We Produce
We create a technical task for content production, analyze competitors
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Understand your product, sales history, price point, and determine your promotional strategy
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Vadim Sapunov is the Founder of MPCONTENT, a commodity business expert with more than 3 years of experience working with marketplaces. Managing partner of the company "World of Vision", founder of the brand "NatureLove", Master of ISA and business mentor/coach/instructor
Creating Selling Content

Internet Promotion

Managing teams of professionals
Managing a business with annual revenues of 600 million rubles

Training over 100 entrepreneurs to work successfully with WildBerries

Launching severl online stores and brands on WildBerries and Ozon - leaders in their categories
— founder of MPCONTENT, Vadim Sapunov
Answering the most common
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We don't just take pictures. We work for your results. We do the groundwork:

  • Identifying the specifics of the category
  • We look at the competition
  • We analyze the price segment.

And only when our brand manager has a clear vision of the final card, we do a photo shoot just for you. Then we design infographics and all the other attributes of a sellable product card on marketplaces. We work for quality, not quantity
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